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On the Sofa with… Little Ankle Biters Meets Little Tummy

On the Sofa with… Little Ankle Biters Meets Little Tummy

As mums we know how confusing and stressful the weaning process can be for parents. What should you be feeding your precious little bundle, how much should they be eating, which flavours are best, how can you make sure they’re getting all the nutrients and food groups that they need? And then throw into the mix the time it takes to boil, cook, mush, puree, store, freeze… it’s a complicated process and can be very daunting for sleep deprived parents.

What if there was a way to take away that stress? To give you confidence in what you’re serving up in the kitchen, and saving you precious time to get your feet up for a bit. Say hello to Little Tummy!


Sophie and Nadine, thank you for chatting with us. We’ve been watching your business with an excited eye, and we’re really pleased to share information with our readers on Little Tummy.


For anyone out there who hasn’t heard about Little Tummy yet, can you let us know more about the company and yourselves.

Nadine: We would love to! Little Tummy is a new baby food subscription service, which brings fresh, paediatrician-approved baby meals to parents’ doorsteps. We use an innovative cold-pressure method to lock in essential nutrients, fresh tastes and textures of our organic ingredients. Unfortunately, common store-bought baby food options are still highly heat-processed which makes them less nutritious. We believe there should be a fresher and healthier alternative!

Sophie: The recipes are developed to meet the nutritional requirements of babies when they start introducing solids. The meals are mainly based on vegetables and plant-based protein. This helps babies to get used to the taste of healthy food options from early on. 


Where did your inspiration come from in starting the business?

Nadine: It all started with me becoming godmother to my best friend’s son Hector. I got curious what kind of exciting foods we could buy for him! After tasting quite a few pouches, I realised that most of the store-bought options are highly processed and often have a shelf-life of 2 years. So I started to think of ways of how we can bring fresher and healthier foods to little ones – the idea of Little Tummy was born!

Sophie: As a paediatrician I have worked with a lot of parents and have guided them on their first steps of their weaning journey. The confusing information and doubtful marketing messages have been a great frustration for me for a long time. In addition, currently available baby food has poor nutritional values and is too high in fruit sugar. When Nadine asked me to join Little Tummy, I was enthused that I will finally get a chance to change things for the better! It is a wonderful experience to be on the front line of creating fresh and healthy food for babies.


We love that Little Tummy makes healthy, tasty baby food, that’s super convenient for parents. Can you tell our readers how the ordering and delivery process works.

Nadine: It’s very simple. First of all, you choose a selection of 7, 14 or 21 fresh meals. All meals are suitable for babies from 6 months onwards. In the second step, you tell us how often you want them delivered, either every week or every two weeks. If you opt into our subscription service, you save delivery fees – you can pause or cancel anytime. Alternatively,, you can opt for a one-off purchase. For now, delivery takes place on Fridays (UK nationwide).


What meals can parents expect to see from Little Tummy, and how did you come up with the flavour combinations?

Sophie: When I developed the recipes, it was important to me that every ingredient has a purpose.  At the same time, babies should be able to taste the original taste of every ingredient. We use a lot of healthy vegetables because we know that babies should get used to their taste from early on. They are also abundant in vitamins and micronutrients. Plant-based protein sources such as lentils and chickpeas provide iron and fibre. Rapeseed oil is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids.

We use a cold-pressure method, which has been used for juices for a long time. This measure helps us to gently prepare the meals, locking in micronutrients, vitamins and the authentic taste of the ingredients. A baby eating our meals will learn what fresh ingredients taste like from the very beginning. Studies have shown that this is a major step for establishing healthy habits.

To tell the whole truth, I also wanted the recipe combinations to be interesting for mums and dads. In the end, a significant part of the meal lands in their stomachs, as well!


We assume there’s been lots of product testing with a little panel! How have you ensured the meals will all go down well with babies. And were any of your flavours not so popular?

Sophie: We had a lot of little champions tasting our products. Surprisingly, even our kale and apple recipe went down really well! The most feedback we got was about the texture of our products, which we managed to fine-tune over time.

Nadine: It was amazing to see that my godson and so many other babies were so excited about our recipe combinations. And also our adult gourmet tasters loved the food.


What would be your top 3 tips to parents starting on the weaning process.

Nadine: Take your time! We want parents to be able to take their time and enjoy the first moments of their baby tasting ‘real food’ – without worrying. Instead of reading through thousands of books and blogs and spending a lot of time in the kitchen, we want to support parents by providing them with fresh and nutrient-dense meals for their baby.

Sophie: Embrace the veg face! Babies can pull funny faces when they try bitters veggies for the first time. Don’t worry, it’s a normal reaction, just like when you eat a slice of lemon. You’ll see that your baby will look much more pleased the more often you offer veggies. I can also never stress enough how important it is for parents to find their own way of introducing solids, which works for both parent and baby. Some babies will want to eat finger foods, some only purees. Some will be fussy and others adventurers who want to try everything. Every baby is different and there is not one perfect way of introducing solids. Listen to yourself and your baby and you will be doing a great job!


We’re sure there will be lots of parents chomping at the bit to get their orders placed! When’s the official launch for when Little Tummy baby food will be available?

Nadine: We started taking orders for our first deliveries on the 12 April! For all Little Ankle Biters readers, we’re giving 15% on your first order – just enter anklebiters15 when you checkout. 



Sophie and Nadine, thank you so much for letting us know more about Little Tummy. To check out this revolution in baby food, see or give them a follow /




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