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7 Easy Halloween Recipes

7 Easy Halloween Recipes

We absolutely love Halloween here at Little Ankle Biters and I am always looking for easy Halloween food recipes I can quickly put together to get maximum results.


The Vomiting Pumpkin

For the last few years I have made this classic vomiting pumpkin which looks both revolting and amazing at the same time. It’s really simple but has maximum effect.

Carve a large pumpkin with the face you desire ensuring you leave quite a large gaping hole for the mouth, place it on a large tray or plate and use houmous or guacamole to create a vomiting effect coming out of the mouth. The reaction is always incredible!!

vomiting pumpkin halloween recipe



Banana Ghosts

These are more cute than scary but the kids love them and it’s a good way to top up on your 5 a day!

Simply cut the bananas in half and use writing icing to stick on mini smarties for the eyes and mini marshmallows for the arms – easy peasy!!

banana ghosts halloween recipe


Monster Apples

Another great way for your little ones to enjoy one of their 5 a day, these Monster Apples are easy and my kids love them.

Cut a green apple into quarters, then cut a wedge into the apple to create the mouth. Chop some strawberries into slices to create the tongue and stick the strawberry slice into the mouth with some writing icing. Stick mini marshmallows to create eyes and sunflower seeds for the teeth – delicious and pretty nutritious!

monster apples halloween recipe



Skull Lasagna

This centre piece definitely had the children screeching and laughing – I’m not 100% sure if that’s good or bad!

For this recipe I made a beef lasagna as normal and finished with a layer of bolognaise. I then placed 2 olives for the eyes and cut up courgettes for the teeth and then created a skull with grated cheese. You may also want to add tomato puree around the eyes and skull to give it more definition.

skull lasagna halloween recipe



Halloween Fly Lemonade

This is a really simple trick, mix together something fizzy like lemonade and raisins – the bubbles from the lemonade make it look like the raisins are flying around the lemonade. Add red colouring for a blood effect.

fly lemonade halloween recipe



Finger Hot Dogs

These are brilliant and so unbelievably easy. To create the hot dog fingers I cut finger creases into each sausage and sliced a finger nail sized piece at the top and then squirted some ketchup around the plate – kids were completely grossed out!

finger hot dogs halloween recipe



Spider Oreo

These were my children’s favourite of all the Halloween recipes we tried, mainly as they were made from chocolate biscuits and sweets.

Again this is really easy! Use the Oreo as the spider’s body, mini smarties stuck with icing to the body make the eyes and then make some eyeballs with an icing pen. Finish it off with some fizzy sweets for the legs.

Spider oreos halloween recipes


Please let us know if you try any of these at home!

If you’re looking to get out and about this Halloween with the kids check out what’s happening in Oxfordshire here


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