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As a working mum, I think this concept is pure genius. It can be so hard to balance work with being a parent and Let’s Play Coworking have come up with a clever solution that could make it easier.

Let’s Play Coworking is a brand new service that offers child Friendly Coworking Spaces where you can take your babies and toddlers (aged 0-4) to play and learn while you get some work done.  The setting that is designed to have  work areas, play areas, and learning areas integrated so that you and your baby can be together while you do your own thing. Your baby or toddler remains under your supervision while they are there, although the staff are always happy to help.


Suggested Let’s Play Coworking routine

  • Arrive – make sure your baby is fed and changed
  • Set up your baby in the learn and play area
  • Get on with work for 45-90 minutes
  • Take a break to check on your baby
  • Make sure your baby is fed and changed
  • Set up your baby for the super engaging class or activity
  • Get on with work for another 90 minutes.
  • Take a break- check on your baby
  • Set your baby down for a nap
  • Get on with work for another 90-120 minutes.
  • Repeat.
If  you need to focus 100% on your work you can book a session with one of their stand by childminders while you work in the adult only area.

Watch this video to see how it works

Introductory packages:

Let’s Play Coworking have some great introductory packages that you can book today but you don’t pay until 21 January 2018:

  1. 10 hours access for £75
  2. 20 hours access for £117
  3.  5 days access for £99
  4. 10 days access for £175
Plus if you refer 3 friends who book a package your package will be FREE!
If you wanted to just drop in costs are £10 for an hour or £25 per day (at least 4 hours will be available per session).
Included in the package are instructor-led baby and toddler classes, wifi and access to a workspace.

Pop up sessions

Week Commencing 22 January 2018

  • Mondays 12:30-4:30 at Langford Village Hall, Bicester
  • Tuesdays 12-4pm at Dean Court Community Centre, Botley
  • Wednesday’s 12:30-4:30 at Dean Court Community Centre, Botley
  • Thursdays 12:30-4:30 at Rose Hill Community Centre, Cowley
  • Friday’s 10-3 at Rose Hill Community Centre, Cowley

All these events are jam packed full of activities including singing, dancing, story-time, craft and much more…

Terms and conditions for the introductory offer: 1 pass per adult. Up to 2 children aged 0-5 per pass, Fees include all children’s classes and activities. Day sessions are a minimum of 4 hours. A minimum of 2 hours to be redeemed per session. All hours and day sessions valid from January 5, 2018 and must be redeemed by March 31, 2018. Passes are non transferable. No returns or refunds after Jan 7th. For more information visit
To book a Let’s Play Coworking package please click here

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