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Super cute Christmas Elf doors by Follow the Rainbow

Super cute Christmas Elf doors by Follow the Rainbow

I think many households are now using Elf on the Shelf to incentivise their children to behave on the run up to Christmas and these little magic elf doors enhance this tradition even further. The elves come through the magic door to check on your child to see whether they are being ‘Naughty or Nice’ and report back to Santa.

The Elf doors are made from wood and are 10cm in height and 8cm wide, each door is hand painted, and finished with a gold door knob, door sign which says North Pole, and holly embellishments , so each door will be unique and made with love and care.

Each door comes with four miniature stepping stones, a small bottle of magical dust with a small star charm, and a sign in either red or white, which can be personalised with your child’s name, or the name of your new elf, or even part of your address for example ‘Jacob’s Elf Door’ or ’58 Robins Close.

These gorgeous doors are made by Oxfordshire based Follow the Rainbow and can be purchased here along with other beautiful handmade gifts.

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