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Time is now far more precious than it used to be and many busy families have neither the time, nor the inclination to create the inevitable mess that will ensue when a toddler meets a bag of flour. That’s where Crafty Cooks comes in. Your child can come along to a fun and friendly environment with similar aged children and learn how to create a variety of culinary delights…. Safe in the knowledge you’ll have no tidying up to do at the end!

Crafty Cooks believe that a love of cooking and the ability to do so is an important skill that every child should have. That’s why they start teaching children from as young as 2.5 years old how to cook a range of delicious, nutritious dishes. These classes are great for the fussier eating child, and anyone keen to teach their child about the food we eat. Whilst the food cooks there will be activities as a group, tasting and discovering new foods and finding out where they come from.

Classes last 45 minutes but please allow an hour. At the end of each session you’ll be given a recipe card to add to your very own recipe book so that you can make the recipes again and again. Classes run in Marlow.

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